“Although we have operations all over the country, we are able to quickly resolve incidents by using NTRglobal's remote desktop and live chat software. The solution’s active monitoring and real-time response have led to a 30% reduction in support costs and a 10% drop in downtime.”

Chun Xie
Chief Technology Officer
EHi Car Rental

EHi needed a robust remote connectivity solution that would simultaneously reduce overall support costs and protect the environment by eliminating the need for onsite visits to its 150 car rental outlets.

The Company

Headquartered in Shanghai, eHi Car Rental is an automobile-sharing network that has generated considerable momentum since its establishment in 2006. A pioneer in the sector, eHi offers both self-drive and chauffeur-drive services. The company was the first car rental service to implement online sales and the first to offer a Zipcar-inspired car sharing service in China. By 2011, the company had 150 outlets, 500,000 rental-service members and 4,000 business clients who used its chauffeur service.

EHi has acquired several major corporate accounts and received numerous accolades, including the 2009 21st Century Economy Reports “Best Business Model Award,” Car Magazine’s 2010 “Top Car Rental Service” Award, and China Business Weekly’s 2010 “Top 10 Green Companies in China.”

Since its inception, the company has stressed its strong service mentality and green resource sharing. In line with these values, eHi sought a remote connectivity solution to serve its growing network of car rental locations that would simultaneously reduce costs and protect the environment by eliminating the need for onsite visits.

The Challenge

EHi’s support team included 50 IT technicians, 10 of whom were responsible for resolving help desk incidents at the company’s growing network of 150 branch locations. The IT department initially relied on QQ desktop support to manage its service networks. However, as the company expanded, it became clear that a more robust, secure solution was needed, since the IT team could no longer provide adequate support given QQ’s limited security and functionality.

The Solution

After evaluating various alternatives on the market, eHi decided to acquire NTRglobal’s Support Ultimate. In addition to providing robust diagnostics and enterprise-grade security, Support Ultimate offered session recording and reporting, critical features that help eHi constantly evaluate, improve and demonstrate IT performance.

As explained by Chief Technology Officer Chun Xie, “EHi’s business expansion relies heavily on a robust IT system, so we carefully researched a variety of remote connectivity solutions to make sure we were choosing the right one. Support Ultimate’s comprehensive feature set was key in our decision.”

The Outcome

NTRglobal’s Support Ultimate allows eHi’s IT engineers to remotely monitor and fix unattended remote computers in real time. The solution has reduced mean time to repair by 40%, improved service efficiencies, and resolved security issues thanks to NTRglobal’s 256-bit AES encryption, which prevents unauthorized access to eHi’s data and IT systems.

The IT department also appreciates the easy session transfer between team members when incidents need to be escalated to Tier 2 technicians, a feature that led to enhanced IT performance and end-user satisfaction. The product’s session recording and reporting capabilities in turn improved IT team performance by enriching the company’s knowledge base and allowing IT managers to record, monitor and analyze all sessions for clear accountability.

As Chun Xie explained, “NTRglobal’s remote support technology has become a cornerstone of our IT service delivery. We have optimized our IT processes and improved employee satisfaction since its implementation in 2009.”