If you need a customized solution to meet your business needs, our team of experienced Business Analysts can work together with you to create a solution that has all the features and capabilities that you require.

Whether you need to changes to the existing NTR Cloud applications or want to integrate 3rd party applications with the NTR Cloud platform, the necessary customization will be implemented by our experienced Professional Services team.

Please contact us to find out how the NTRglobal products can do even more for your business. Click here to find more information on the NTR Cloud API.

Package Services Target
NTR Cloud API NTR Cloud API interface enables easy access to NTRglobal services and resources from any 3rd party application. All functionality is powered by the NTR Cloud. Any 3rd party application can consume functionality from NTR Cloud. For a list of features and functionality please check the Product datasheets for NTR Cloud for ITSM and Helpdesk.
Remote Desktop RESTful API or predefined Widget. Easy integration with any application, making your workflow more efficient. Have Remote Desktop capabilities available where you need it. It integrates with every application and is powered by the NTR Cloud.
Remote Access RESTful API to access unattended remote devices from any application (Asset Management, ITSM, etc.). Remotely access unattended devices from a list of assets in any asset management system or from within a ticket in any Help Desk application.
Chat RESTful API to integrate HTML Chat into any web application or platform. Add Chat to your multi-domain support center or integrate into Facebook or other social media
Mashup A mashup is a web page or application that combines data or functionality from two or more external sources to create a new service. NTRglobal’s powerful middleware enables easy mashups of its technology with over 200 products. Store runtime data from NTR products in external systems such as CRM, Help Desk or Asset Management application.