Integration services provide the right mix of engineering, integration expertise and industry knowledge to maximize product efficiency for business of any size. The integration services have a reach from integrating standard functionality with your Website and give you the professional setup of our solution based on best practices to integrating our business logic with 3rd party products or any kind of webservice.

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Besides custom integration our customers can choose from pre-packaged offerings:

Package Services Target
Basic Integration Design session initiation workflow and customize screen design to match customer UI. Training on standard integration options with websites, skilled based routing, Email and Desktop Integration. Create efficient support workflow for the Customer and the support agent
LDAP Integration Login in and authorization process integration with LDAP or auto-login routine Simplify application login, password and security management
CTI Integration Telephony integration with PBX systems to exchange operator state, availability, and routing information Manage allocation of telephone calls and web calls efficiently and automated.
Application Integration Integration with 3rd party applications on the end user and on the support agent side (Help Desk, ERP, CRM, ITSM, etc.) and databases to exchange data during or after support sessions Provide cross application information for reporting, capacity management, ROI calculation.
API Integrate features of the NTR Cloud within any 3rd party application.
  • Remote desktop capabilities
  • Remote Chat capabilities
  • unattended Remote Desktop
  • etc.
Start and receive support sessions from within the leading business application without the need of changing between applications. Can be combined with data exchange and backend integration.
Mashup Integrate NTR Cloud run time data with more than 200 applications. Store runtime data in Management Dashboards, Service level displays, Geographic maps.